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Drive signup conversion up to 14% with Artificial intelligence

Free demo with no commitment required: Customize and validate your AI algorithms in a real environment.

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Our results

How many resources are you wasting?


Wasted calls

Of all the leads that reach the sales funnel, only 14% are convinced that they want to obtain information. This supposes a human effort and a consumption of economic resources that could be avoided.


Misclassified Leads

Most universities still do not have a lead classification system or the results are very inefficient. If you don't know your potential customers, there is no way to optimize the sales funnel.


Misguided sales

6 out of 10 sales opportunities do not receive enough attention.  Treating all leads without intelligent priority ranking gives equal importance to all opportunities.


Lost working hours

The previous inefficiencies try to be solved through more human resources, investing labor hours in a task that only obtains results in a reduced number of cases.

*Data obtained from 10 international projects

Calculate how much your metrics would improve using our algorithms

Increase in call center response by 75%.

Interested party detection with 90% accuracy

Obtaining common characteristics

Real-time forecasting system

Reduction in conversion time by 70%.

Identification of sales patterns

Analysis of the most effective sales patterns

Obtaining bottlenecks in the funnel

Probability of payout or discard with 92% accuracy.

Ranking of leads through artificial intelligence

Classification adaptable to any CRM 

Real-time ranking system

Sales funnel analysis and ROI optimization

Sales funnel analysis and ROI optimization

Adaptation of pattern analysis

Track changes in the funnel

How does it work?

Test your personalized algorithms for free and with no commitment required

Analysis of funnel data for feasibility

Step 1  

We verify that the funnel data and the number of leads are sufficient to obtain value from the optimization.


Free demo with real application in the funnel

Step 2    

A free test will be developed with an initial algorithm to see performance on the funnel with no commitment required. 


Complete development and deployment in the funnel

Step 3    

The development of the algorithms will be completed and the communication channel with the CRM will be established. 


Day 1

Day 7

Day 24





Data Collection

Data analysis

Adaptation of algorithms

Performance test

Validation of results

Lead capture

API development

Algorithms' final development

Deployment in the funnel

How much would my metrics improve?

*% of contacts/calls that were made successfully


Free demo

At Human Trends, we are motivated to solve problems.

Each new university we work with leads us to give the best of ourselves. Demos, the first step towards the new generation of sales.

A multidisciplinary team will study your case

Proposal development without commitment

Strategic design in less than 2 days

We will be in touch soon!

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